How does StarkTape Kinesiology Tape really works?

What is StarkTape kinesiology tape?

Kinesiology is the study of the mechanics of body movements. This specialized tape was invented by a Chiropractor over 30 years ago. Since then, it has made its way to the Olympics, gaining more and more recognition.

StarkTape is made of 97% original cotton and 3% spandex with high elastic properties. The tape is almost identical to human skin in both thickness and elasticity. It is this property that allows Stark Tape to work with the soft tissue of the body versus restricting it. It is the elasticity that makes StarkTape a good modality for the treatment of lymphedema and chronic swelling. One side is coated with strong porous, latex free, medical grade acrylic glue, heat sensitive. It contains no medication.

Rubbing the tape after application allows the tape to adhere better on the skin. Because of its porous quality, allowing the skin to breathe, it can be worn for 3-5 days. The tape is water resistant, so taking showers and swimming will not affect the tape. The tape is a one-way stretch tape along the longitudinal axis only, allows free movement and does not restrict like conventional athletic taping. The kinesiology tape can be applied to the skin, stretched or unstretched, depending on the intended result.

Many of StarkTape applications may look similar, but the tapping can be applied for different purposes. For example, a taping for muscle tightness may look like a taping for muscle weakness. The way how tape is applied can determine how it works on the soft tissues. It is very important to read the directions of each of the taping methods carefully before applying the tape. A correctly tapping application can dreatly enhance the therapeutic benefits.


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Kinesiology tape affects several physiological systems. The tape lifts the skin slightly, but sufficiently, to open superficial lymphatic channels, increasing circulation. Swelling and pain inducing toxins dissipate faster. Oxygen rich blood also enters the area at a faster rate.

The lifting effect on the skin and the increased circulation reduces swelling and takes pressure off nerve pain receptors under the skin, thus alleviating pain. When the kinesiology tape is applied over joints, it will facilitate muscle contractions and assist in joint motion, in addition to providing increased joint stability without limiting motion. The tape can also serve as a conscious reminder, preventing inadvertent use of the injured or painful joint or muscles.

The Kinesiology tape can provide the following results:

  • To reduce swelling and inflammation
  • To decrease pain
  • To provide joint stability
  • To assist muscle during joint motion
  • To provide a conscious reminder

Applying the tape “unstretched” to muscles or joints will help reduce swelling and pain. Applying the tape “stretched” to muscles or joints will increase stability, support and assist muscle contraction and joint motion. Many applications will include both methods for maximum benefits.

For more informations about taping applications, please check our “Instructions” menu.

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