Top 10 reasons for kettlebell training

Kettlebell training is the most accessible and practical training. Everyone can benefit from it, from the elite athlete that’s looking for an edge, to the fitness newbie looking to get fit. The dynamic movement involved in kettlebell training gets your heart rate up and challenges every muscle in your body. And if you’ve been doing […]

How to use Kinesiology Tape Strip Application

Kinesiology Tape Strip Application: Some techniques also utilize a Y-Strip or X-Strip. Follow the recommended instructions for now. Once you become more familiar with taping techniques, we encourage you to start developing your own applications. Just make sure you read and understand the adverse reaction section. Kinesiology Tape Strip Application “I” The application of the […]

Best Kinesiology Tape Cutting Techniques

Regardless of the length of kinesiology sports tape, we recommend to round off all ends to prevent the corners from lifting to easily due to clothing friction against the skin. Here are the most common kinesiology tape cutting techniques: The I-Strip is most widely used. The length will vary based on the length of the […]