How to avoid the most common knee injuries using Kinesiology Athletic tape

Kinesiology tape knee for athletic injuries

Using kinesiology tape knee, or more commonly known as k tape, sports tape or athletic tape is an effective way to prevent knee injuries. This kinesiology tape knee supports muscles and joints and has a wide variety of benefits especially in the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts usually experience such injuries. They […]

CrossFit injuries and how kinesiology sports tape can help

kinesiology sports tape crossfit injuries

Kinesiology sports tape is a Crossfit athlete’s companion. Just like any other exercise routine, CrossFit exercises can do harm and cause injuries. In most cases, especially for beginners, injuries can be caused by doing the repetitions of this high-impact exercises without the proper form.  Even long-time CrossFit athletes may get injuries from excessive repetitions.  Injuries can […]

Ultimate Guide on Athletic Tape: Why Should You Use It?

Kinesiology athletic tape sports

What is StarkTape Kinesiology Athletic Tape for Sportsmen? StarkTape is an elastic athletic tape known also as kinesiology athletic tape, sport tape or kinesiology tape, with an acrylic adhesive substance (activated only by heat generated during muscular contraction), used in treating pain from injuries and physical disorders. It is also used to achieve enhanced athletic […]