We believe everyone can perform at their best through discipline and hard work, never giving up, and always doing what’s right. We believe in movement, stability and mobility!

We are the trusted partner for rehab, recovery, physical therapy, and athletes sport performance. 

We are fueled by the desire to help you to improve mobillity & your workouts, achieve better results from the training session and reach your full potential. Our primary goal is to keep you in moving.
Our products and solutions help patients who could be our neighbors, friends, family — even ourselves. The way we help out is by making our products simple to use, lightweight, natural & eco-friendly, to support many common injuries such as Knee & Shoulder & Wrist Pain, Tennis Elbow, Lower Back, Shin Splints, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Rotator cuff, Plantar Fasciitis, just to name a few.

Each and every single customer becomes part of our StarkTape Community. You don’t just get the best equipment on the market, you also get unmatched customer support, educational materials and exclusive discounts.

We are dedicated, responsible, and committed to our purpose.

Together, we can live our best lives!