CrossFit injuries and how kinesiology sports tape can help

kinesiology sports tape crossfit injuries

Kinesiology sports tape is a Crossfit athlete’s companion. Just like any other exercise routine, CrossFit exercises can do harm and cause injuries. In most cases, especially for beginners, injuries can be caused by doing the repetitions of this high-impact exercises without the proper form.  Even long-time CrossFit athletes may get injuries from excessive repetitions.  Injuries can very well be prevented by ensuring that exercise routines are done with the right form and with the aid of kinesiology sports tape.

Using kinesiology sports tape usually helps in keeping a particular area of your body to move the right way to prevent injuries. However, the regular sports tape which is rigid and doesn’t provide mobility, especially when applied over joints, hinders overall performance.

Even long-time CrossFitters should use sports tape to avoid injuries.

kinesiology sports tape crossfit injuries
kinesiology sports tape crossfit injuries

Here are the areas where common injuries occur:

* Kinesiology sports tape for lower back

CrossFit involves a variety of lifting techniques and squats which can cause pain on your lower back and it can really decrease your performance. Pain in this area is said to be common in many CrossFit athletes and will easily occur when a routine is not done properly. You would see people using sports tape on their lower back which may help in alleviating pain but not entirely.

* Shoulders

Your shoulders are composed of muscles and tendons that can move in several directions. It is considered to be the body’s most delicate joint and is the easiest to be injured when you do exercise involving heavy, repetitive lifting, pull ups or other activity. Rotator cuff injury is another common injury among people who do CrossFit and this restricts motion and reduces strength when lifting.


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* Knees 

The largest joint in the human body and is among the most used not just in running but also in lifting (hence the term “lift with your knees, not with your back.”). Again, with many lifting techniques, squats and jumping involved in CrossFit training, it can put a lot of stress on your knees and pain is a sign of that. Using the kinesiology sports tape on the knee area provides stability and may help prevent possible injury.

* Elbow

Many athletes may get that sharp pain in the elbow, usually called ‘Tennis Elbow,’ due to excessive, repetitive movement in this area. A lot of exercise routine in CrossFit involves strong gripping and pulling movements and are done repeatedly. A proper application of sports tape can aid support in your forearm muscles and elbow and may reduce pain.

With kinesiology tape, the latest type sports tape which is more flexible, CrossFit athletes using it are given the advantage of both support and mobility. It may help prevent injuries in the following areas mentioned. The advantage of this type of sports tape is that its flexible enough to allow joints and muscles to move without being restricted. It has become an ideal tool for people doing CrossFit, as well as athletes engaged in other sports.

However, to benefit fully from the kinesiology tape, it is advised that the tape is applied by a physical therapist or one who is knowledgeable in the application of kinesiology tape. To save your day, StarkTape offers  a  complete guide to Kinesiology tape application.


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