Ultimate Guide on Athletic Tape: Why Should You Use It?

Kinesiology athletic tape sports

What is StarkTape Kinesiology Athletic Tape for Sportsmen?

StarkTape is an elastic athletic tape known also as kinesiology athletic tape, sport tape or kinesiology tape, with an acrylic adhesive substance (activated only by heat generated during muscular contraction), used in treating pain from injuries and physical disorders. It is also used to achieve enhanced athletic performance. It’s made of a meshwork of cotton and elastic fibers which gives it some skin-like properties: flexibility, breathability, elasticity (up to 170% stretch) and toughness.

This elastic property gives freedom to the athlete by allowing a much wider range of motion, compared to the traditional white athletic tape (known as McConnell taping). The cotton material also allows quicker evaporation, allowing it to be applied over a long period of time.

kinesiology athletic tape sports
Kinesiology athletic tape sports

How Does It Work?

The athletic tape helps to maintain an efficient lymphatic system, allowing the normal circulation of lymph around the body. For instance, when an area of the body is physically-impaired, probably due to injury or overuse of that part, the lymphatic fluid accumulates in the area, causing bursal swelling and local inflammation. The lymphatic system is a network of nodes and vessels located around the body. It sits just directly under the skin.

In the event of swelling (due to accumulation of lymphatic fluid), this athletic tape lifts the skin, thereby increasing the space under it and restored normal circulation of the lymphatic fluid. Now, since there is no more accumulation of fluid in that particular area, there will be an increased rate of tissue regeneration and healing. This is partly due to the fact that, lymphatic fluid transports white blood cells (responsible for immunity), respiratory waste gases – Carbon (IV) oxide, bacteria. These components are all toxic to the body and tissue is no exception: WBCs could attack the affected tissue in an immune response; Carbon (IV) oxide accumulation leads to the reduction in the oxidative state, reducing Oxygen availability; while bacteria could also increase the level of inflammation. This kinesiology sports tape gives no room for lymphatic fluid buildup.


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Benefits of StarkTape Kinesiology Athletic Tape

For weightlifters and bodybuilders, StarkTape is especially helpful in treating damages and tears from muscles and tendon strain. Also, for athletes involved in intense training programs,kinesiology athletic tape is a must-have as workout gear because it enhances muscle performance. Little wonder, this athletic tape is one of the most widely-used training gear. Surely, StarkTape stands out from regular sports tape.

Here’s why you should consider using the kinesiology athletic tape, either as training equipment or as an active performance booster:

  1. StarkTape helps reduce muscle pain pressure by removing the pressure exerted on it by the skin.
  2. It also aids muscle contraction by improving muscular contractile ability, even when it is weak.
  3. Using this athletic tape allows for a wide degree of freedom while also lessening the risk of muscle strain by preventing over-contraction or relaxation.
  4. In the event of inflammation due to tissue damage or bruising, it speeds up the healing process by ”lifting’ the skin, increasing the fascial space and consequently allows free flow of lymph in the lymphatic system.
  5. StarkTape’s muscular support and flexibility provides great relief and mobility. This helps to prevent tendonitis, one of the most common weight lifting injuries.
  6. It helps to reduce bursitis (the accumulation of fluid in the bursal sac between muscle and bone causing inflammation) by increasing the bursal space and also increasing lymphatic drainage.


Overall, StarkTape kinesiology athletic tape should be a vital part of every athlete’s training gear as it greatly reduces pain and discomfort, reduces proneness to injury, increases freedom of motion and ensures optimum athletic performance. You should definitely get one!


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