The Ultimate Guide to Treating and Preventing Runner’s Knee Injuries

Runner's knee injuries using sports kinesiology tape

A Few Stats About Running Knee Injuries According to surveys, at any time, roughly 1 in 5 runners will suffer from knee injuries. Polls also show that approximately 80 percent of runners get injured every year. The bulk of injuries tends to afflict the knees, feet, calves, shin, and ankles. Other weight-bearing limbs and regions, […]

How to avoid the most common knee injuries using Kinesiology Athletic tape

Kinesiology tape knee for athletic injuries

Using kinesiology tape knee, or more commonly known as k tape, sports tape or athletic tape is an effective way to prevent knee injuries. This kinesiology tape knee supports muscles and joints and has a wide variety of benefits especially in the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts usually experience such injuries. They […]

Top 10 reasons for kettlebell training

Kettlebell training is the most accessible and practical training. Everyone can benefit from it, from the elite athlete that’s looking for an edge, to the fitness newbie looking to get fit. The dynamic movement involved in kettlebell training gets your heart rate up and challenges every muscle in your body. And if you’ve been doing […]