Starktape resistance band workout. Set of 5 exercise bands


Non-allergenic, powder-free, non-latex resistance bands set: Robust, resilient and durable, with excellent elasticity, the Starktape elastic workout band will ensure the best exercise  for your legs, butt, upper and lower body.

Muscle toning, strength, flexibility improvement and physical therapy are just a few benefits of the perfect training.

Super Lightweight, Portable carrying pouch: You can perform your legs, butt, core, or whole body workout in the comfort of your own home, at the gym, yoga,  pilates studio, outdoor on the beach,  or on the go.

The light weight exercize bands  are an easy and comfortable workout tool, proving to be the perfect choice for individual training, as well as for your Stretching, Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation, Bodybuilding, Wrestling, Losing Weight

Easy to use, Fun for the Entire Family, from children to seniors – Whether you are a mom, a dad or a grandma, these fitness bands are right for you. People Love doing fun home exercises with the bands, they are a MUST item for staying in good health.

Research has proven that resistance band provides as much benefit in fitness health and strength gains as weights training equipment. Just give it a try and see how would you feel after using the Starktape resistance loop bands.

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