BFR Occlusion Bands | Bundle Pack of 4 Blood Flood Restriction Training Bands for Arm and Legs, 2 Inches Width


✅ EFFECTIVE AND COMFORTABLE – Unlike some other blood flow restriction bands, our occlusion bands are specially designed for an effective weight training. Focused on power, the StarkTape weight bands are the perfect workout equipment leading to strong increases in strength and muscle size even in beginners.

✅ BUNDLE OF 4, PREMIUM QUALITY – Our offer includes a complete set of 4 blood flow restriction training bands consisting of 2 arm bands to be used as weight lifting straps when lifting arm weights and 2 occlusion bands for legs for a complete exercise equipment. All training bands are 2 inches wide, ensuring the optimum level of occlusion during workout.

✅ EASY TO USE AND ADJUSTABLE – The use of occlusion training bands is an effective alternative training method to improve the strength and size of your arm and leg muscles. The StarkTape muscle bands are easy to adjust due to the superior quality fabric and quick release buckle system allowing for the weight lifting to be extremely effective even without lifting heavy weights.

✅ BUILDING YOUR DREAM BODY IS STARTING NOW – Science proves that occlusion training increases muscle growth. When you use occlusion bands for arms and for legs your workouts will be quick and more effective so that the training lifting adjustable weights for both arms and legs will be up to10 minutes. Build the body of your dreams now by simply working out in a smart way.

✅ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Take advantage of our 100% money back guarantee and excellent customer service and ADD TO CART your training bands right now! Make your training easy with the most effective fitness equipment and join our hundreds of satisfied customers!

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